Launching the Heroic Data Mining Blog


Since my last post at, a lot has happened in the world of analytics inside and outside Oracle. Big data and Big Data Analytics are hot topics now. Also, a number of technologies have flourished in the past few years in this space, to name a few: MapReduce, Hadoop, Mahout, Pig, R, and NoSQL database. As a result I felt a new blog was needed with a different theme and focus.

The oracledmt blog focused exclusively on Oracle technology. Because of all the new developments in Big Data Analytics this new blog will go beyond that. It will discuss and illustrate examples with the Oracle stack as well as other technologies. It will cover Big Data Analytics with a special focus on automation. It will also provide information on methodologies and design patterns for solving analytical problems. The effort with this new blog is to move the focus from experts, far too few, towards strategies that can be used by many developers and analysts. The main goal is to help empower developers to create smarter applications that can process, without failure, massive data sets with large number of attributes and adverse data quality. This is a heroic task indeed.

For those wondering, we have also been very busy in the area of analytics at Oracle since my last post. At the technology level we have introduced technologies such as: EndecaExalyticsExadataBig Data ApplianceIn-DB HadoopOracle R Enterprise, and Spatial and Graph analytics. More directly related to my group we have a number of developments:

Over these years I have also spent a great deal of time working on automating and increasing the ease of use of analytics and big data analytics. This is reflected in different aspects of Oracle Data Miner as well as server-side features like Dynamic Scoring. These ideas and features have also been applied in helping a number of Oracle applications to incorporate advanced analytics, for example:

I have migrated the content from the oracledmt blog to this new one. However, fixing some details in the posts is still a work in progress. I hope you enjoy the new look and content!

Posted on December 18, 2013 .