Webcast Announcement: A Simple Fraud Detection Application using OracleData Mining, SQL Developer and Oracle BI EE

Tomorrow, April 25, 2007On April 25, 2007 at 11:45 AM EDT, the Oracle Business Intelligence, Warehouse and Analytics (BIWA) Special Interest Group (SIG) will host the following free webcast:

A Simple Fraud Detection Application using ODM, BIEE, and SQL Developer
Speaker: Bob Haberstroh

Session Abstract

Classification is an often-used methodology in data mining that creates a predictive model distinguishing between (or among) two or more classes of individuals - for example: which of my customers is likely to churn (or not). However, in some cases there is insufficient evidence to profile one of the classes, such as in cases of criminal or fraudulent activity. Oracle Data Mining includes an algorithm for Anomaly Detection that uses the so-called “One Class Classifier” technique to identify rare occurrences of likely abnormal or suspicious activity.

This presentation gives an overview of this functionality and includes a live demonstration of Anomaly Detection using Oracle Data Mining. The methodology of automating the process in an application will also be indicated.


Bob Haberstroh is Principal Product Manager for Data Mining Technologies at Oracle. He has many years of experience in statistics, and data mining including more than 12 years in product management positions at Thinking Machines Corporation and Oracle.

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Posted on April 24, 2007 .