Oracle Data Mining in Argentina

I spent the week of the 18th in Buenos Aires spreading the word on Oracle Data Mining. I was invited by Snoop Consulting as a keynote speaker at their Update' 06 (warning, the site is in Spanish) event. Snoop Consulting has a very capable technical team. They are positioning themselves to become a leading company of added-value services for information technologies in the region, focused mainly on Service-oriented Architecture and high-end mission-critical systems.

Update' 06 was a large event targeting developers. It had more than 1000 registered attendees. I gave a talk describing how In-Database Analytics is a disruptive technology. By this I mean that it enables new capabilities that were not possible in the traditional way of doing analytics and creating analytics-enabled applications. Here is a link to the presentation pdf.

In-Database Analytics talk at Update'06

Audience at the talk

Fernando das Neves, Snoop R&D Manager, myself, and Sergio Candelo, Snoop COO

During the rest of the week I met with customers and gave talks at two data mining master programs. The first one, directed by Dr. Juan M. Ale, was at Universidad Austral. The second one, directed by Dr. Ana Silvia Haedo, was at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. All in all a very nice trip. I hope next time I will have more time to explore and enjoy Buenos Aires, a great and fun city.

Posted on October 30, 2006 .