Free Webinar: Competing on Analytics

I blogged some time ago (link) about an article on The Harvard Business Review by Babson College's Tom H. Davenport on how analytics are becoming a key competitive factor for companies. I have just learned that Prof. Davenport is giving a free webinar today. The theme is "Competing on Analytics." What participants will learn:
  • What data-driven marketing is (and isn't)
  • How marketing visionaries like Capital One, P&G, Amazon, and the New England Patriots are using analytics for competitive advantage
  • What specific tactics these early adopters believe are essential to their success (and what they'd do differently next time)
  • How you can personally succeed as a marketer during these tumultuous times
Check it out. The webinar is Today (October 31, 2006) at 10:00 AM PST/ 12:00 PM, CET/ 1:00 PM EST. Go to this link to register. Again, it is free.

Posted on October 31, 2006 and filed under "Event".