KDD 2006 - Day 2

My initial plan was to write posts from KDD as the conference unfolded. So much for that plan. There was not much time or energy left after talks, time at the Oracle booth, and talking to people. Upon returning from KDD I left for vacation and did not have a chance to write about the other KDD until now.

On the second day I spent most of my time at the Oracle booth talking to visitors and saw very few talks. I was mostly interested in three talks. I missed the first one (the award winning paper): "Training Linear SVMs in Linear Time," by T. Joachims. I did managed to see the other two: "Orthogonal Nonnegative Matrix Tri-factorizations for Clustering," Chris Ding, Tao Li, Wei Peng, & Haesun Park, and "Robust Information-theoretic Clustering," Christian Bohm, Christos Faloutsos, Jia-Yu Pan, Claudia Plant.

The Oracle booth got a great deal of traffic. There were many people that still did not know about Oracle Data Mining or were not aware of the capabilities of the product. Also Oracle Data Miner was not well known. Invariably, after learning about the product, everybody I talked at the booth left very impressed with the product and interested in using it.

Here are some shots from the booth:

Oracle booth

Oracle booth
Charlie Berger our Director of Product Management at the booth

Oracle also sponsored a Cyber Café, here are some shots:

In the evening we had dinner, the Poster Reception, and demonstrations at the National Constitution Center. It was a very nice event. I specially like the bronze statues in the Signer's Hall.

National Constitution Center
Signer's Hall

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