Oracle Data Mining Tutorial and White Paper

The new Oracle Data Mining 10gR2 Tutorial is now posted to OTN:
Oracle Data Miner Tutorial (7MB) April 2006
The link downloads a Zip archive that contains the tutorial in PDF format, a dump file containing tables used in the tutorial, and demo_import_mag.txt, the file used to illustrate File Import. This is a great document for users to get started using Oracle's Data Mining functionality.
In related news:
The Oracle Data Mining 10gR2 white paper has been posted at the CRM Today web site.

Oracle Data Mining 2.0 Know More, Do More, Spend Less

This white paper provides an overview of data mining, describes several applications of data mining, details the unique features of Oracle Data Mining, and provides a vision of how data mining technologies can help companies better compete using analytics.
Posted on April 27, 2006 .