Now Available! - Oracle Data Miner Release 10g Release 2 Final

I have just received the following announcement on the final release of Oracle Data Miner 10gR2:
Oracle Data Miner is a graphical user interface for Oracle Data Mining that helps data analysts mine their Oracle data to find valuable hidden information, patterns, and new insights. Oracle Data Miner Release 10gR2 adds many new features that makes data mining easier and produces even more actionable information. New Mining Activity Guides streamline the data mining process by providing step-by-step guidance and automate data mining and model scoring. In just a few clicks, you are mining your data and discovering new insights.

Oracle Data Miner Release 10gR2 introduces the popular Decision Tree algorithm for classification problems that can provide human readable "IF...THEN..." rules that communicate the patterns discovered by ODM. The new Anomaly Detection algorithm flags rare events and supports fraud and compliance monitoring. Oracle Data Miner now supports mining multiple tables at once (e.g., star schema) and supports mining unstructured "text" data. Oracle Data Miner also supports PREDICT and EXPLAIN "one-click data mining" predictive analytics. Oracle Data Miner Release 2 adds Receiver Operating Characteristics support for model evaluation and tuning. Oracle Data Miner can automatically generate the Java and SQL components needed to transform the data mining steps into an integrated data mining/BI enterprise application. Lastly, a new Gateway to Oracle Discoverer enables data analysts to publish their results for viewing through Oracle Discoverer.

With Oracle Data Miner and Oracle Data Mining, the data never leaves the database: all data movement is eliminated. In addition, Oracle Data Miner and Oracle Data Mining provide the security of the Oracle database. Click here for details. Click here for an image showing key Data Miner windows. Oracle Data Miner Release 10gR2 requires Oracle Data Mining (ODM) 10.2.

Click here to download Oracle Data Miner Release 10gR2.

Please send me your comments and any news about your using Oracle Data Mining.

UPDATE: For the Mac users out there, the RTM version does not work with the Mac. There will be a patch fixing it. I'll post a note when it is out. For now keep using the beta release.
Posted on March 31, 2006 .