SPSS and Inforsense Support for Oracle Data Mining

SPSS Supports Oracle Data Mining: "Analytics software firm SPSS Inc has released a new version of its Clementine data mining workbench geared specially for Oracle Corp's 10g relational database system. Chicago, Illinois-based SPPS unveiled the product as a complement to Oracle 10g's predictive modeling capabilities, which are provided by the Oracle Data Mining component. Clementine 9.0 provides interfaces that tap directly into Oracle predictive models, which are constructed and scored within the core database. Oracle Data Mining supports a variety of data mining algorithms including Bayes and Vector Machines. These algorithms are surfaced as "nodes" in Clementine's interface and can be manipulated natively."

Inforsense KDE 3.0 Released: "New features enable informaticians to build tailored analytic solutions and portals. Accessed via a redesigned client graphical user interface, enhancements include control workflow constructs to link and orchestrate multiple analytical workflows according to business rules; support for Oracle Database 10g Release 2 in-database processing and data mining functions; easy-to-use service creation and deployment wizards; definition of mid-workflow user intervention points; deployment of guided end user applications within the full client interface and portal; workflow annotation to explain workflow steps within collaborative environments; and the use of standardized JSR 168 portlet specifications for easy integration of InforSense KDE workflows into standard portal applications."

Many consider Clementine the best graphical user interface for data mining. Its new support for Oracle Data Mining is an important statement about the power and quality of the Oracle data mining server. In this release, Clementine only supports a subset of the algorithms in Oracle Data Mining. I have seen a demo of their product and I liked how these algorithms were tightly integrated with the rest of the product. This release is a good step towards strengthening Clementine in-database data mining story.

Inforsense is a great platform for developing analytical applications. I have tried the previous release of their IOE (In-Oracle environment) product and the breadth of the integration of Oracle features impressed me. Besides integrating all algorithms in Oracle Data Mining, they also offer support for Oracle Text, Oracle Spatial, database statistical functions, and in-database data transformations. This array of features, combined with InforSense's intuitive analytical workflow interface, places Inforsense in a unique position amongst analytic tool vendors.
Posted on February 3, 2006 .