Oracle Data Mining JDeveloper Extension on OTN

Just out: Oracle Java Data Mining (OJDM) API, part of Oracle 10gR2 Data Mining , is now available as an extension for JDeveloper.

This is a brief description straight from the OTN site with instructions on how to get and install the JDeveloper extension:

This extension installs all the Java libraries necessary for developing advanced analytics applications using the JSR-73-compliant API in the JDeveloper environment. In addition to providing access to all the data mining functionality of ODM, OJDM makes developing advanced analytics applications easier by including support for both synchronous and asynchronous data mining tasks, such as model building, testing, and batch and real-time scoring. Models produced through the Java API are fully interoperable with the PL/SQL API as well as the Oracle Data Miner GUI.

Readings: Business intelligence, Data mining, Oracle analytics
Posted on January 16, 2006 .